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Mountaire Farms Inc., based in Millsboro, Delaware, is a family-owned and operated vertically integrated poultry company founded in 1914. It operates in Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina and Arkansas, and its products are sold regionally, nationally and internationally.
The company employs 10,298 people, and its brand is Mountaire. Mountaire produced 67.4 million pounds of ready-to-cook chicken on a weekly basis in 2023, an increase from 65.1 million pounds processed in 2022. Its 2023 sales were $3.144 billion, a decrease from $4.204 billion in 2022. Mountaire’s sales break out is 11.9% retail, 41.0% industrial, 35.1% foodservice and 12.0% export. Product forms are 87% fresh and 13% frozen. Product form at point of sale is 100% cut-up. According to its 2023 survey response, Mountaire produces halal products.
In its 2023 survey response, Mountaire purchased three grain elevators in Maryland from Nagel Farm Service, expanding the ability to buy more local grain during harvest and throughout the year.
The company also purchased a 175-acre tract of land to build a new feed mill in Delaware. Company officials hope to break ground as soon as possible on this project.
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