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4651 Taylors Bridge Highway
P.O. Box 438
United States
Prestage Farms is a vertically integrated turkey and pork producer based in Clinton, North Carolina, founded in 1983. It maintains operations in Iowa, North Carolina, Oklahoma and South Carolina. It employs 2,000 people.
Prestage Farms slaughtered 436 million pounds of live turkey in 2023, an increase from 150 million in 2022. The significant increase is due to the company’s $180 million processing plant it opened in Camden, South Carolina, at the end of 2022. The plant slaughters and debones toms and provides turkey meat for Kraft's Newberry, South Carolina, further processing facility.
Its 2023 sales were $542 million, an increase from $240 million in 2022. Prestage Farms' product forms are 75% fresh and 25% frozen. According to its 2023 survey reply, 20% of Prestage Farms' production is antibiotic-free or no antibiotics ever.
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