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2200 W. Don Tyson Parkway
United States
Tyson Foods, Inc. poultry division is primarily made up of its US production operations. It also operates subsidiaries in the U.S., China, Brazil and Mexico. These include:
• Cobb-Vantress, a chicken breeding stock subsidiary, has business interests in Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, India, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, the Philippines, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.
• Tyson Asia-Pacific consists of vertically-integrated chicken production operations in Thailand, multi-protein further processing operations in Malaysia, a beef production operation in Australia, and joint venture interests in two nonconsolidated poultry businesses in Malaysia.
• Tyson China-Korea, with locations in China and South Korea, consists of vertically-integrated chicken production operations, multi-protein further-processing operations, and a joint venture interest in a non-consolidated chicken processing business. Tyson China also sells beef, pork, and chicken products imported from Tyson production facilities in the United States and other global operations.
• Tyson Europe sells chicken products throughout the United Kingdom and Europe produced from our other global operations and co-packer arrangements and has a chicken further processing operation in the Netherlands.
• Vibra Agroindustrial S.A., a joint venture in Brazil in which Tyson has a minority interest, is a vertically-integrated chicken processing business.
• Holding Agro Industrial S.A., a joint venture in Argentina and Uruguay in which Tyson has a minority interest, is a vertically- integrated chicken processing business.
• Godrej Tyson Foods, a joint venture in India in Tyson has have a minority interest, is primarily a chicken processing business.
• Tyson Mexico Trading Company, a Mexican subsidiary, sells chicken and prepared foods products primarily from our U.S. operations and co-packer arrangements.
• Tyson has a strategic partnership with Tanmiah Food Co, a leading Middle Eastern producer of fresh and processed poultry and animal feed. The agreement gives Tyson as 15% equity state in Agriculture Development Co. (ADC and a 60% equity stake in Supreme Foods Processing Co.
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