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Adviser in CP Foods-Tesco deal dies of COVID-19

Charoen Pokphand says executives that worked with him tested negative for COVID-19 and are under self-quarantine
Charoen Pokphand Foods (CP Foods) says all of its executives who recently traveled to the United Kingdom to negotiate a deal to acquire a financial interest in multinational retail grocery chain Tesco have not contracted COVID-19, despite the fact that a financial adviser who helped them work out the deal died of the virus.
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Suguna Foods to Indian government: Allow truck movement

Restrictions to vehicle movements during COVID-19 pandemic are preventing meat and poultry companies from getting products to consumers
Restrictions on the movement of trucks and other vehicles during the COVID-19 pandemic is causing disruptions to the poultry industry, a leader with India’s Suguna Foods said.
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How COVID-19 has hurt China’s poultry industry

While the rest of the world battens down, the least affected areas of China are now functioning more normally, but it will take time for the poultry industry to recover.

The novel coronavirus, while not infecting chickens, has significantly harmed China’s broiler and egg industries.

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Avian flu reported in Taiwanese, central European poultry

Five outbreaks reported in Taiwan during past week
While Taiwan and Bulgaria are the only countries to have officially recorded new outbreaks of avian flu in poultry over the past week, outbreaks of the disease have been reported in India, Ireland, and Poland. Two children have been confirmed with flu infections of avian origin.
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CP Foods board approves decision to invest in Tesco

Investment should boost financial performance of both companies, CP Foods believes
The board of directors of Charoen Pokphand Foods (CP Foods) approved a measure to acquire an economic interest in Tesco Asia Group, which is a leading retailer under the Tesco Lotus brand in Thailand and Malaysia.
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Wayne Farms expansion

Three avian flu virus types in Taiwan's poultry

New outbreak also reported in Bulgaria
Taiwan and Bulgaria are the only countries to have officially recorded new outbreaks of avian flu in poultry over the past week. Local media and other sources are also reporting further cases in Poland and Vietnam. The disease situation in Hungary and Ukraine appears to have been resolved.
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VICTAM, Animal Health and Nutrition Asia postponed

Due to coronavirus situation, event will be rescheduled for July
The management teams from the VICTAM Corporation and VIV worldwide have decided to postpone VICTAM and Animal Health and Nutrition Asia 2020 in Bangkok to July 9-11, 2020, due to the situation report #39 from the WHO published on February 28 in which the risk assessment for the regional level as well as the global level changed from high to very high.
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Chicken rumors no help in COVID-19 control

Coronavirus posts on social media in India and Pakistan warning of the dangers of eating chicken are harming poultry producers and do nothing to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.
Rumors circulating in India, associating the novel coronavirus with poultry consumption, do nothing to stop the spread of the virus, and do more harm than good.
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Sudden spread of avian flu in Poland, Vietnam

Cases are also reported in India, Taiwan and Bulgaria
In Poland and Vietnam, the avian flu situation appears to have deteriorated sharply, as more outbreaks are confirmed in new areas of each country. There are also further cases in Bulgaria and Taiwan, and details have emerged about a recent outbreak in India.
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