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South African company wants to expand meat’s definition

Mzansi Meat co-founder talks about the emergence of a cell-cultured food company in South Africa
The co-founder of a new cell-cultured food company in South Africa knows that meat is central to the country’s culture, but he feels confident that cell-based products under development by the company will gain widespread acceptance.
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DNA strand on white

Viral DNA findings could better protect poultry health

Research could improve productivity of smallholder farms in developing countries.
Viral DNA – sections of the genome derived from viruses – may help prevent related infections in chickens, protecting bird health, reveals recently published research from the Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh.
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Population growth trends seem to favor poultry

Religion will play a major role concerning what proteins will be consumed in countries where the population is growing the most
As the U.S. agrifood industry looks at how it can feed a growing global population, the long-term opportunities might be the best for the broiler and turkey industries.
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