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Latin America

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Juana Galván: Latin American poultry will miss you

The former general director of the Latin American Poultry Association is retiring

Avian flu has dominated the news, and this issue has been turning things around in the last few days, impacting production and trade. But there is one event I want to talk about. Ten days ago, my friend Juana Galván, retired as the general director of the Latin American Poultry Association (ALA).

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avian flu countdown Aug 27

Bird flu persists: Chile, Argentina, Ecuador report cases

Tens of thousands more poultry deaths have been reported as avian flu continues to sweep across South America

Outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) continue to pop up at commercial and backyard flocks all over South America with some of the most recent reports coming out of Chile, Argentina and Ecuador, according to the World Organization for Animal Health.

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AI vaccination is on the run in Latin America

Avian flu is spreading all over, impacting the poultry industry. Are rules ever going to evolve?

Avian flu seems overwhelming. Disease among birds, either wild, backyard or commercial, is spreading. The last few days have been particularly stressful for the industry in Latin America.

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bandera de Perú

Avian flu outbreaks hit Peru layer, turkey farms

Avian flu has been detected in the country's wild and commercial birds as well as mammals

Tens of thousands of birds were culled after highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) was detected at four farms in Peru – one in Chepen, two in Panamericana Sur and one in Localidad de Atusparia, according to reports from the World Organization for Animal Health.

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Avian flu is snowballing in Latin America

Thirteen countries have reported avian flu in Latin America in the last few months and things seem to be worsening

This past week has been quite heavy in news about avian flu in Latin America. Uruguay reported one case on a black neck swam in the wild; then Guatemala reported cases in marine wild birds. The aftermath was then felt in neighboring Argentina – first in wild birds and then in backyard turkeys. And let us remember that Argentina is the fourth largest industry in the region.

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Seventh Ecuador layer flock hit by avian influenza

With the latest case of HPAI, Ecuador has lost more than 1.19 million birds

Four new cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in Ecuador, including one commercial egg laying operation, are identified in a new report from the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH).

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Speculation around eggs, prices and bird flu is not good

Everybody complains about higher egg prices without analyzing the facts

Everybody loves gossiping and speculating without having all of the information. I guess it is part of human nature. A few weeks ago, the rumor was that Mexican eggs were illegally crossing the border to the U.S. because of the high egg prices. The National Poultry Producers Association of Mexico (Unión Nacional de Avicultores – UNA) has been clear and straight forward in providing information:

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