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Latin America


BRF finances hit by trade boundaries, trucker strike

Brazil-based company reports BRL1.6 billion net loss for second quarter
BRF reported a net loss of BRL1.6 billion (US$408 million) for the second quarter of fiscal year 2018, attributing some of the company’s financial struggles to a Brazilian trucker strike and by trade restrictions.
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BRF launches antibiotic-free chicken line

Sadia Bio products also feature vegetable-based diets and traceable packaging
BRF has launched a new line of chicken products, in which the birds used for the products will be raised without antibiotics and will be fed a vegetable-based feed.
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The conventual origins of egg products

In the 18th century, the extinction of religious orders in Portugal was decreed, and both nuns and friars found themselves in need of cash, so they sold egg yolk sweets.
I found a curious anecdote about the use of egg whites and egg yolks in Portuguese convents that could perhaps be some of the "modern" origins of these two egg products.
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How Cargill is growing its global poultry business

Christopher Langholz, directly responsible for Cargill’s international poultry business since 2015, details the company’s approach to growing its operations in the poultry sector.
Cargill is increasing its global poultry business through expansion in key markets and adapting to consumer needs.
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BRF appoints three vice presidents

Sidney Manzaro, Vinícius Guimarães Barbosa and Bruno Ferla to assume new leadership positions
The BRF board of directors, in a July 20 meeting, approved the appointment of three vice presidents for the Brazil-based meat and poultry company.
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BRF selects banks to help with divestitures

Financial institutions selected to assist BRF as it progresses with selling of assets in Argentina, Europe and Thailand
BRF has selected banks to assist the Brazil-based meat and poultry company with the divestiture of its operational units in Europe, Thailand and Argentina.
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