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Latin America


BRF creates global chief operating officer position

Lorival Nogueira Luz Jr., earlier selected as chief financial officer and interim global CEO, has been named to fill the newly-created role
BRF has created the position of global chief operating officer (COO) and the company’s board has selected Lorival Nogueira Luz Jr. to fill that role.
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BRF board elects Chairman Parente as new CEO

The businessman, who will now head the world's largest exporter of chicken meat, comes from directing Petrobras, the state-owned oil company of the South American giant.
Parente will take possession if authorized by the Public Ethics Commission of the Brazilian Presidency, that will analyze the existence of any conflict of interest between his previous position in Petrobras and the new one.
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Paraguay: Biggest growth in broiler production in 5 years

According to figures from 18 Latin American countries, Paraguay had the greatest growth in broiler chicken production from 2013 to 2017, while Uruguay had the biggest growth from 2016 to 2017.
With a 26.2 percent, Paraguay was the country with the biggest growth in broiler production in Latin America, followed by Dominican Republic, Colombia, Bolivia and Peru.
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China imposes anti-dumping duty on Brazilian chicken

Importers must pay Chinese customs deposits of up to 38.4 percent for the alleged dumping; however, the ABPA protested the determination.
However, the ABPA protested the decision and will seek to reverse it because the organization believes there is no causal link between Brazilian chicken exports and possible situations in the Chinese market.
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5 grain houses fined in connection with deforestation in Brazil

Operation Soy Sauce seeks to make soy industry more accountable
The Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) has issued 62 notices totaling BRL105.7 million (US$28 million) to five grain-trading companies and numerous individual farmers associated with deforestation in Brazil for soybean growing.
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World Feed Panorama 2018: Volumes up despite challenges

Global compound feed production increased nearly 2 percent in 2017, overcoming disease outbreaks in the poultry and pig sectors.
In its 27th year, the World Feed Panorama survey tracks 2017 global compound feed production and compares these volumes against historical data to highlight industry trends.
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