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Latin America

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World per capita egg consumption record broken by Mexico, again

Mexicans consumed 409 eggs per person in 2021 moving further away from other high consumers: Japan and Colombia

While gathering data for Latin American production and consumption of chicken and eggs in 2021, I admit I was surprised by the annual per capita egg consumption of Mexico reported by the National Poultry Producers association – 409 eggs per person!

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How Cargill is promoting gender equality in Latin America

A policy of diversity, equity and inclusion is evident in the company’s new broiler breeder farm in Colombia.

Cargill is helping to foster gender equality in the Latin American poultry industry through hiring and promoting solely on merit and providing the infrastructure that allows women to fully participate in the workforce.

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Avian flu never left Mexico

An AH7N3 strain outbreak was just reported in the state of Coahuila, but authorities say poultry supply is not at risk

While highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) outbreaks have sprung up in several U.S. states, among other places in the world, one might wonder about the status of bordering countries.

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Fake chicken sales are the order of the day

Counterfeit importers and salespeople are affecting the Brazilian export force, but there are ways to fight and counteract these actions

Being part of the poultry industry, even a journalist or writer like me, makes you prone to fake businesses.

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Hard-boiled eggs are hard to market. Why?

A nutritious food like hard-boiled eggs seems to encounter judgement from consumers, something that does not happen with junk food

We are in a slow week in Latin America and all other Catholic countries – the Holy Week, right before Easter Week. 

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