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Cage-Free Laying Systems

The latest articles, analysis and information on hens laying eggs in a cage-free environment inside barns or buildings and engaging in some natural behaviors like walking and nesting to help egg producers maximize flock performance and yields from the editors of Egg Industry magazine. Register for free to access premium content.



Poultry farm employees should be aware of bedbugs

Bedbugs have become an emerging issue in Pennsylvania, the Midwest and in Northeast cage-free houses
Bedbugs have become an evolving problem in poultry houses in Pennsylvania, the Midwest and some cage-free houses in the Northeast.
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Key considerations for layer house ventilation designs

Learn who designs a ventilation system, what options there are and what geographical factors play a role in choosing the right system for your birds.
In planning a ventilation system for a specific environment, a designer will consider the specifications of the available systems.
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Happy Egg Co. receives kosher certification

Orthodox Union verifies Happy Egg products and its production comply with kosher law requirements
Products from The Happy Egg Co. received Kosher certification by the Orthodox Union (OU), the world's largest and most widely recognized kosher certification agency.
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Colorado lawmakers: We didn’t want cage-free egg law

Sponsor of bill described it as a ‘Colorado solution’ to threats of a ballot initiative pushed by out-of-state animal rights group
Colorado Gov. Jared Polis last week signed a bill into law that will eventually require all eggs produced and sold in the state to come from cage-free laying systems.
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dozen brown eggs

Partnership to promote cage-free egg production in Asia

As demand for cage-free eggs grows, Indonesia-based training center to provide Asian farmers with training and tools to ensure long-term sustainability and competitive business advantage
Multinational consulting firm Global Food Partners (GFP) and Aeres University of Applied Sciences have announced a partnership to establish an Indonesia-based training center and model cage-free egg farm focused on management and production for Asian farmers.
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Mark Kliensmith Lubing

VIDEO: COVID-19 impacts cage-free transition, egg industry

COVID-19 has led to serious changes in various ag markets, including egg, with food service and further processing particularly struggling.
Mark Kleinsmith, national sales manager with Lubing Systems, spoke about the current egg industry and how COVID-19 will only add to the already challenging shift to cage-free production.
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