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Cage-Free Laying Systems

The latest articles, analysis and information on hens laying eggs in a cage-free environment inside barns or buildings and engaging in some natural behaviors like walking and nesting to help egg producers maximize flock performance and yields from the editors of Egg Industry magazine. Register for free to access premium content.


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Humane League: You pledged cage-free eggs, so back it up

Animal rights group calls out companies it feels have done little to update consumers on progress of cage-free egg promises
Several hundred businesses – including restaurants, food processors, foodservice companies, grocery retailers, travel and hospitality companies, and distributors -- pledged several years ago that they would transition their entire egg supply to cage-free eggs.
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Cal-Maine expanding cage-free egg production in Kentucky

World’s largest egg producer is investing $40.1 million to expand its operations in Guthrie, Kentucky
The Cal-Maine Foods Board of Directors approved a $40.1 million capital project to expand the company’s cage-free egg production at its Guthrie, Kentucky, production facility.
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Credit system incentivizes cage-free egg production

The program allows egg producers to purchase credits from cage-free egg producers to offset current procedures.
Global Food Partners and Impact Alliance have partnered to accelerate the production of cage-free eggs in Asia and provide financial incentives to producers meeting certain animal welfare standards.
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3 tips for egg producers wanting to go cage-free

The CEO of Granja Avícola Rujamar, winner of the Poultry Excellence Award at FIGAN 2019 and the largest producer of cage-free eggs in Spain, tells his recipe for success.
Rubén Martínez, CEO of Rujamar Poultry Farm, believes that soon the use of cages in animal production “is going to be banned, without a doubt.”
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NestFresh emphasizes sustainability with non-GMO eggs

Colorado-based company works to provide consumers with eggs that are certified cage free, free range, humanely treated and non-GMO.
NestFresh works with more than 60 family farms in about 12 states to produce eggs in a flexible, sustainable system that also helps the livelihood of small farmers and those farmers' abilities to support their local economy and community.
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Cage-free egg bill under consideration in New York

If legislation is approved, eggs produced and sold in the state must be from cage-free production systems within 24 months of bill being signed into law
Legislation has been proposed in the state of New York that would require all eggs produced and sold in the state to be raised in cage-free laying systems.
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