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WATT Poultry Chat

WATT Poultry Chat is a new video series featuring expert analysis of current poultry and animal agriculture industry issues. Watch WATT Global Media editors interview leading minds on timely topics relevant to the broiler, layer and turkey industries.



VIDEO: Latest developments in Newcastle disease vaccination

Vaccination is key in protecting flocks against Newcastle disease, but how is vaccination developing, and how should vaccination programs reflect local circumstances?

Learn how developments in Newcastle disease vaccines are offering new options to protect flocks and how vaccination programs should be tailored to local circumstances.

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VIDEO: What is limiting broiler supply growth?

Various productivity issues are holding back the integrated broiler industry in 2021.
Struggles with broiler breeder productivity and higher than normal levels of mortality and condemnation may hamper the expansion of the broiler industry as the U.S. economy recovers from COVID-19.
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