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WATT Poultry Chat is a new video series featuring expert analysis of current poultry and animal agriculture industry issues. Watch WATT Global Media editors interview leading minds on timely topics relevant to the broiler, layer and turkey industries.


Mark Kliensmith Lubing

VIDEO: COVID-19 impacts cage-free transition, egg industry

COVID-19 has led to serious changes in various ag markets, including egg, with food service and further processing particularly struggling.
Mark Kleinsmith, national sales manager with Lubing Systems, spoke about the current egg industry and how COVID-19 will only add to the already challenging shift to cage-free production.
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Video: How long will COVID-19 impact livestock markets?

Producers know that the outbreak of COVID-19 has disrupted daily life and caused serious changes in various ag markets; they should not expect that to change anytime soon.
Could reopening the country help increase demands for protein and what should producers do in the meantime?
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