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WATT Poultry Chat is a new video series featuring expert analysis of current poultry and animal agriculture industry issues. Watch WATT Global Media editors interview leading minds on timely topics relevant to the broiler, layer and turkey industries.



VIDEO: How retailers can react to animal activist pressure

When groups attempt to engage in a discussion about perceived animal welfare concerns, the betterment of the animal’s health and the success of the business isn’t necessarily what is on their minds
Retailers, restaurants and foodservice companies should be cautious when contacted by groups who are encouraging them to adopt sourcing policies that are perceived to promote better animal welfare, advises Hannah Thomspon-Weeman, vice president of communications for the Animal Agriculture Alliance.
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Brock Peterson

VIDEO: Tips for managing a layer operation during COVID-19

Communication is critical in helping employees work through a pandemic
The former President of Opal Foods and a current consultant in the agriculture industry, speaks about what it was like managing approximately 400 employees and almost 10 million layers, spread among three different states during a pandemic.
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VIDEO: The man behind push to end term 'boneless wings'

Ander Christensen hopes his testimony to Lincoln City Council to rename ‘boneless wings’ will be a fun way to bring positive attention to the poultry industry
Ander Christensen became a viral sensation after his recent testimony to the city council in Lincoln, Nebraska, to speak out against the phrase “boneless wings,” often used to describe boneless chicken products that are not actually wings.
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