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WATT Poultry Chat is a new video series featuring expert analysis of current poultry and animal agriculture industry issues. Watch WATT Global Media editors interview leading minds on timely topics relevant to the broiler, layer and turkey industries.



VIDEO: CEO of AEB addresses 5-year plan, egg opportunities

AEB staff will collaborate with the American egg industry to build demand for U.S. eggs and egg products both domestically and abroad.
In her new role, Emily Metz, president and CEO of the American Egg Board, addresses short and long-term goals for the AEB, including her strategic 5-year plan.
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Mark Kliensmith Lubing

VIDEO: Key considerations to meet cage-free egg pledges

Professionals in the U.S. egg industry are skeptical of the goal to be 85% cage-free by 2025; what can be done to improve the chances of meeting this objective?
Egg industry members and professionals in the U.S remain skeptical of reaching its goal of 85% cage-free by 2025. What can be done to close the gap and what challenges are still facing producers?
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Video: Iowa derecho will not impact trade

Iowa farmers have lost millions of acres of crops, but this should not impact the grain market and trade
The Midwest and specifically Iowa is feeling the impact of a derecho that took out millions of acres of crops, as well as grain storage bins, barns and equipment sheds.
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VIDEO: Activists using COVID-19 as anti-ag platform

Animal rights activists are often ignoring stay-at-home orders to continue tactics against meat and poultry industries
Animal rights activist groups over the past several months have used the COVID-19 pandemic as a new means to push its anti-animal agriculture agenda.
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