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WATT Poultry Chat

WATT Poultry Chat is a new video series featuring expert analysis of current poultry and animal agriculture industry issues. Watch WATT Global Media editors interview leading minds on timely topics relevant to the broiler, layer and turkey industries.


VIDEO: Synergize, the disinfectant designed with you in mind

The disinfectant of choice for animal protein producers since 1998.

Introduced to pork and poultry producers two decades ago, NEOGEN’s Synergize® still dominates the North American animal protein disinfectant market. Its proven effectiveness against well-known and emerging threats in animal production environments has enhanced the product’s reputation both domestically and globally.

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VIDEO: Poultry diets can be more sustainable, remain profitable

In this WATT Poultry Chat, Dr. Leon Marchal, innovation director, Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health, explains how alternative ingredients can be successfully used to feed poultry without compromising performance.

Danisco’s Animal Nutrition & Health’s Dr. Leon Marchal looks at how, using alternative ingredients, poultry diets can be more sustainable without compromising profitability.

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