Petersime AirStreamerPlus

  • Petersime AirStreamerPlus single-stage incubator is the standard model of the S-line.
  • This model is recommended for hatcheries which prefer interaction with the incubation parameter settings, based on the hatchery manager's experience.
  • The AirStreamerPlus offers all key functionalities of a modern single-stage incubator: setters and hatchers for chicken, turkey, goose and duck eggs; capacities ranging from 19,200 to 115,200 chicken eggs; CO2NTROL technology for optimum carbon dioxide levels; reduced energy costs via sealed cabinet, efficient cooling system and Eco-Drive technology; a controller called IrisPlus  with a 10” LCD display and capacitive keypad; among others. 
  • Available in different models: 4H, 4S, 8H, 8S, 12S, 16S and 24S. 

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