Munters Corporation Horizon Continuous Sidewall Inlet
  • The Munters Corporation Horizon Continuous Sidewall Inlet (CSI24) is a 24” sidewall inlet.
  • Designed for the unique needs of the layer market, CSI24 uses a robust rack and pinion system and powerful drum style actuator to ensure proper opening and closing in the harshest conditions.
  • The system allows the doors to open to a full 90 degrees for maximum air flow in the warm months and includes oversized seals for full closure and no air leaks in cold months.
  • The doors are constructed with rigid fiberglass outer material and a foam core for maximum rigidity and insulating properties, withstanding conditions of -22° F to 122° F (-30°C to 50°C).
  • The CSI24 is capable of operating on a single actuator up to 150’ in length per zone, or with multiple actuators for an unlimited length.
  • Single row door pivots into the bird area allowing all mechanical components to be safely located in the plenum area for easy maintenance, out of the way of the birds.
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