Munters Ltx Light Trap Extension Housing

    • Munters' LTX Light Trap Extension Housing for poultry buildings offers control over light ingress with Vortex 36”, 51” and 55” exhaust fans, featuring Full-Dark or Half-Dark premium filters.
    • Offers improved nest performance and operational efficiency in poultry farming, with its one-piece fiberglass construction, light reduction, and accommodation for half or full-depth light traps.
      • LTX Housing features a sloped top and bottom to guide water away from the building, flush mounting to interior walls and a unique two-door design for easy maintenance, ensuring hassle-free operation and durability.
        • Designed to work with Vortex exhaust fans, LTX Housing provides poultry farmers with a reliable solution to minimize light infiltration, optimizing the farming environment for better results.
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