Adisseo Predictor is a precise tool to customize the nutritional matrix for Rovabio Advance. It provides nutritionists with a precise and tailored nutritional matrix, allowing them to identify the amount of nutrients that could be saved when the enzyme takes effect in feed formulation. Based on the diet set up by the user in the application, Predictor evaluates the amount of indigestible nutrients in the feed and estimates how much could be released by the enzyme.

In practice, the user selects the animal species (broiler, turkey, layer), the feeding program (number of phases), the product used within the range (P25 percent, P10 percent, Advance Max) and the composition of the formulas. Immediately, Predictor gives a consolidated matrix in which the user can find the nutritional uplifts: metabolizable energy, protein, digestible lysine, methionine and cysteine, etc., as well as available phosphorus.

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