Adisseo Rovabio Excel is a Non Starch Polysaccharide enzyme – the first of its kind to be authorized by the EU for use in sows from one week before farrowing to weaning. Employing Adisseo Rovabio Excel (the versatile enzyme) in lactating sows diets leads to a decreased loss of body weight, backfat and better feed intake during lactation. With an estimated return on investment between 20:1 to 40:1, depending on swine prices, Rovabio Excel is a valuable new tool to benefit the swine industry, constantly operating with tight profit margins. Rovabio Excel, the versatile enzyme, leads to a better digestibility of main raw materials of the diet. Furthermore, the Adisseo enzyme leads to greater feed intake during the lactation period (+7 kg). As a result of these two benefits on sow nutrition, individual weight of piglets and litter weight at weaning are both increased when sows receive a diet with Rovabio Excel: 6.47 kg vs 6.23 kg, and 67.3 kg vs 62.3 kg, respectively. For the nutritionist who has to deal with the challenge of the higher and higher nutritional requirements of hyper prolific sows with a limited feed intake capacity, Rovabio appears to be a helpful tool for the formulation of consistent higher energy diets for lactating sows.

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