Marel Tray Track System

Marel TrayTrack consists of an overhead conveyor with tray carriers, automatic tray loading and unloading stations, and electronic controls for programming and running the system. The aim of the system is to match filled trays to available tray sealing/wrapping and labeling equipment. It offers full tracking and tracing through to labeling equipment and monitors the efficiency of sealing and labeling equipment. Each filling line has a loading station with a buffer, from which trays are loaded automatically onto TrayTrack carriers when empty carriers become available. These are then transported to unloading stations where they are unloaded automatically onto conveyors feeding tray sealing equipment. Management programs the destination of each tray. Once programmed, the system runs automatically. TrayTrack handles up to 120 trays per minute and offers a wide variety of tray sizes, weights and materials.

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