Marel Nuova I

Marel's Nuova-i is data-driven and doesn’t need human interpretation. Nuova-i is able to evaluate its performance by itself. The internal software monitors the machine’s health in real-time and uses historical data to reveal potential trends. The screen notifies when an evisceration unit tends to underperform, so there’s plenty of time to take preventive action. 

The Nuova-i carrousel machine features 24 units and can easily handle line speeds of 15,000 bph [250 bpm], while guaranteeing efficiency and yield. Technological improvements, such as the robust, long-life spoon, make the entire operation more precise, careful and hygienic. No intestinal remains are left behind in the evisceration line. The pack is also more compact, with a consistent appearance. Intestines don’t hang out, so there is a minimum chance of soiling, cross-contamination or inadequate processing during giblet harvesting. 

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