Marel RoboBatcher Flex and I-Cut 122 PortionCutter

Marel Robo Batcher Flex And I Cut 122 Portion Cutter

As an answer to heavier chicken weights and smaller retail pack size, Marel offers the integrated RoboBatcher Flex and I-Cut 122 PortionCutter, a "robot with a knife." This pro-active system calculates and makes intelligent decisions by real-time comparing and controlling incoming product weight and the order recipes. Instead of cutting all fillets to one ideal average, this concept focuses on assessing individual breast fillet and only cuts what is really needed. In this way, it is a lot easier to reduce giveaway and increase product utilization. RoboBatcher Flex can put out three different recipes; for example, tray job A, tray job B and a bulk job.

Whenever a fillet enters the I-Cut 122, it is scanned and its weight is calculated. This information is sent to the RoboBatcher Flex, which decides what happens next, based on the recipes provided. If the fillet, as it is, complies with a recipe, it will pass through without any cutting. Cutting only occurs if this is the only way for the fillet to fit into a recipe. In that case, the I-Cut 122 will portion the fillet to the required weight, leaving a valuable โ€œoffcutโ€ piece to be utilized for nuggets or strips. The RoboBatcher Flex now finishes the job by accurately batching the different products.

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