Brasil Foods ended the first half of 2011 reporting a net income of R$881 million (US$545.1 million), 279% higher than the same period in 2010.

The numbers were strongly supported by a significant operating performance, especially on the export front, as well as reaping the benefits from the capture of synergies, according to the company. EBITDA reached R$1.6 billion (US$990 million), equivalent to a 13% margin.


Second quarter net income amounted to R$497.9 million (US$308.1 million), a year-on-year increase of 190.4%, influenced by three factors: good operational performance, appropriation of interest on shareholders’ capital and the divestment of the Vila Anastácio unit in São Paulo (former head office of Sadia). Second quarter EBITDA was R$785.9 million (US$486.3 million). Despite cost pressures due to grain prices, EBITDA margin was 12.5%, a record for this period.