About 50 new products for pig production are among those that have been evaluated for inclusion in the line-up of expert-approved and classified innovations that are the hallmark of the Agromek show in Denmark. The international exhibition will return to Herning on 25-29 November and will retain its strong tradition of a significant focus on the pig sector.

Change of dates

Agromek is an annual event on farm mechanisation. Its profile every year has ranged from field machines to intensive livestock production, but the largest single segment has invariably been about pigs.

The start of this year saw the 35th and last time that the exhibition took place in the month of January. This year also marks its first appearance in a revised time-slot when Agromek returns to Herning next month and therefore starts a new era of being held in November every year. Livestock equipment will be exhibited every year and machinery for arable farming will be shown every other year. This year's exhibition will open daily from 09:00 to 17:00 from Tuesday to Friday, 25-28 November, and from 09:00 to 16:00 on Saturday, 29 November.

It is a notable change for a show that is annually among the largest of its type in Europe — having over 1,300 companies represented on 540 stands in 14 halls that cover approximately 76,000 square metres of display area, as well as receiving more than 60,000 visitors. At least 10,000 visitors each year have come from outside Denmark, with recent editions welcoming many people from central and eastern Europe in an overall attendance from almost 80 countries.

New-product entries


A regular feature of Agromek is that it invites a panel of experts to examine the new product entries and award them up to three stars according to their novelty and whether they are new only locally or in all Europe. The evaluation this year has been of 195 entries from all sectors, show manager Dr Jan Tjørnelunde Pedersen reports, resulting in 148 products being approved and classified for the exhibition.

Visitors in November will be able to find the latest items easily, because these are listed in a guide and are identified on the exhibitor's stand by means of a green sign with one or more stars. One star means new to the company, two or three stars signal that the panel regarded the product as significant for introducing a novel means of operation, construction or composition.

"They are new products for agriculture, contractors and the green sector," Dr Pedersen comments about the November items.

"It is particularly machines, installations and other new products for crop farming and pig production that have been approved as new product exhibits for Agromek in November. There are also several relating to bioenergy."

The show itself will have a new look when it returns. It is adding a parallel reference to the machines used by contractors to take care of outdoor and public areas. This is the result of a 10-year agreement with the Danish association representing machinery suppliers, in which the organisation and its members will participate in a joint display at Agromek every other year from November this year.