In comments to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on the Food Safety Modernization Act’s preventive controls requirements, the American Feed Industry Association urged FDA to maintain the spirit and specifics of the new law’s separations for human food and animal food regulations.

FSMA requires FDA to publish final preventive control rules by July 2012, which AFIA says represents the largest change in regulation of feed, pet food and ingredients in history.

AFIA formed five working groups with more than 50 member firms involved. The groups represent major sections of the new law, and each focuses on what the law says and means, what should AFIA do, and each group provides compliance tools and assists in drafting comments to FDA.


In comments to the AFIA 41st Liquid Feed Symposium in Kansas City, Mo., Dr. Dan McChesney, an FDA official, said proposed preventive rules are on track to publish in early November 2011 with a short comment period. Then, final rule publication should meet the FSMA deadline. McChesney also said that firms that are in programs like Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program should have no problem meeting the requirements of FSMA’s preventive controls rule.

AFIA’s comments to the agency also highlighted the association’s SF/SF certification program, a supplier selection draft guide and AFIA’s “Salmonella Control Guidelines.” The comments were a product of AFIA’s FSMA Working Group on Hazard Identification and Prevent Controls.  

“This is AFIA’s first major policy piece to FDA. We’re highlighting some of the pre-FSMA efforts we have already taken to promote safe feed. FDA is actively soliciting industry comments and assistance," said Richard Sellers, AFIA vice president.