Pig farm Hubei Liangyou JSR Breeding Limited, a new Chinese joint venture between JSR Genetics and state-owned Hubei Liangyou Livestock and Poultry Company, will house a 900-sow high health JSR nucleus herd.

The farm, built on a 66-hectare Greenfield site located in the Xiangyang region of Hubei, marks a major step forward for JSR, which has increasingly targeted China for its growth potential. “Establishing a nucleus herd here, with the support of a state-owned company, is a tremendous achievement for JSR,” said International Sales Director Paul Anderson. “China is a rapidly expanding market, already home to half the world’s pigs and the Hubei Province itself is the country’s third-largest pig producing area.”

Final selection of breeding stock is currently taking place. A team of four will visit JSR during November to view the animals and examine pedigrees and estimated breeding values. Nine members of the Hubei team have already visited JSR in the UK, spending three months in nucleus herd training and learning how to get the best out of JSR genetics. Pigs will be shipped on November 30, and the Chinese team will then be closely supported by regular on-site visits from JSR international pig specialists to monitor and advise on progress.


“It is a very thorough process,” said Anderson. “We are recommending a nucleus herd based on JSR Genepacker GGP Gilts – large white and landrace – and JSR Geneconverter Boars, the 500 and 700. We believe this specification will meet Chinese regulations for nucleus herds and provide the lean, lower fat, feed-efficient pigs that the Hubei market requires.”

According to Li Shenghong, chairman of HBCOF, JSR is the ideal partner for this new venture. “They can provide the world-class genetics we need to match our investment in this highly advanced unit," he said. "They can also bring a level of support and technical back-up that we feel will ensure the continuing success of this venture in the future.”