Vion Food Netherlands has said that it will realign its business support operations, saying that the move is crucial to consolidate its position in the highly competitive food market.

The restructuring encompasses the centralization of financial processes and management support services, and the expectation is that some 62 staff will be offered alternative positions, while 48 could be made redundant.


The company is proposing the transfer of the production locations’ financial processes to a central share service center. A single, central back office will be made responsible for all client contact in this area. Its logistics activities will be concentrated at the Distrifresh Boxtel location, and Distrifresh Vaassen’s logistics activities will be terminated. De Groene Weg, Vion Food Netherlands’ organic meat production operation, will be concentrated at Vion Enschede and Vion Groenlo.

The restructuring is expected to be complete by mid-2013.