Bangladesh's poultry industry has raised concerns over egg imports from India, a bird flu-affected country, saying that such imports from a country not free from bird flu widen the risk of the spread of avian influenza locally.

In November 2011, Bangladesh's commerce ministry allowed Dhaka-based Faria Enterprise Ltd. to import 10 million hatching eggs from India. In October 2010, the ministry allowed the same company to import 10 million day-old chicks from India and other countries with a deadline of June 2011, but recently extended that deadline to June 2012. "Being a bird flu-affected country, we cannot export our poultry products," said Moshiur Rahman, convener of Bangladesh Poultry Industries Coordination Committee. "On the other hand, we are importing poultry products from another bird flu-affected country."


The industry isn't against poultry imports, according to Rahman, but given the current troubles in Bangladesh with avian influenza, imports should come from places without bird flu troubles of their own — not, for example, the border areas of India, where exports to Bangladesh likely come from, and where avian influenza is a high risk. The country is currently importing half the supply needed to satisfy the local daily demand of 35 million eggs due to challenges caused by bird flu.