The Codex Alimentarius Commission has adopted global food safety standards for animal feed ingredient ractopamine hydrochloride, setting out an Acceptable Daily Intake and Maximum Residue Levels for pig and cattle muscle, fat, liver and kidney.

Codex global food safety standards are designed to ensure that public health is protected and to facilitate the fair trade of safe food products by providing international food safety reference points for all countries, according to Codex. “These standards provide an international food safety reference point that helps assure consumers that their food is safe," said Elanco President Jeff Simmons. Elanco sells ractopamine under the product names Paylean and Optaflexx. "Codex standards for ractopamine are a significant step towards enabling sustainable meat production, fulfilling the increased demand for animal protein and therefore addressing worldwide hunger.”


The commission's decision will become official when the report is finalized on July 7.