West Java, Indonesia's 5,000 broiler chicken sellers in 38 markets in Bandung are threatening to strike over an increase in prices, saying that unless the government does something, they will stop selling the meat.

The price of broiler chicken meat has increased from Rp 26,000 (US$2.70) per kilogram to Rp 32,000 (US$3.38) per kilogram. According to sellers, an ideal price would be Rp 24,000 (US$2.54) to Rp 26,000 per kilogram. The price increase is irrational, and conditions are making it hard to sell the meat, said Yoyo Sutarya, head of the Bandung Chicken Seller Union. "Our purchasing power decreases and this has greatly affected our business," he said.


Increases have been going on since early June, according to West Java Industry and Trade Agency head Ferry Sofwan Arif, even though there is no shortage of stock. He said that the agency took a survey in five markets in Bandung and found that there was a 15 percent increase on broiler chicken meat. “We should assess the price increase by also taking into consideration the prices of other components, such as chicken food and production costs,” said Arif.

West Java sellers are calling for poultry breeders to not raise butchery or transportation costs, as it might increase the selling price of chicken meat further.