Russian importers and US poultry exporter industry representatives hope to find ways to reduce the delistings of U.S. poultry plants which have seriously curtailed trade in recent months.

Meeting at theUSA Poultry & Egg Export CouncilExecutive Conference & Annual Membership Meeting, the groups are expected to discuss a proposed 90-day investigative period that would take effect before plants are delisted by the Russian government.


The 90-day period, proposed last month at meetings in Paris between Russian and U.S. industry and government representatives, would allow U.S. poultry exporters to appeal delistings before they take effect. Depending on what is worked out, the 90-day period might also permit corrections to processes or facilities in U.S. plants to avoid delistings.

During the first five months of 2009, Russian poultry imports have been down 57%. While the Russian government is working to replace imports with domestic production, the Russian poultry industry is not able to fully supply the demand. As a result, poultry prices to Russian consumers have risen in 2009.