Chicken prices in Kathmandu, Nepal, have dropped by Rs 15 (US$0.18) per kilogram, to Rs 260 (US$3.10) per kilogram, on improved supplies, according to the industry.

The price of live chicken has dropped by Rs 10 (US$0.12) per kilogram to Rs 195 (US$2.33) per kilogram, and eggs have fallen Rs 2 (US$0.02) per unit to trade at Rs 7 (US$0.08) per unit. Currently, the average daily supply of chicken in the capital is about 20 percent higher than the average daily demand of 250,000 kilograms, according to the National Chicken Sellers Association.


“Chicken consumption across the country will go down over the next 16 days," said Janga Bahadur BC, president of the association. Hindus do not consume meat from October 1 through October 16 as they mourn their ancestors during that period. "As a result, farmers across the country are supplying chicken to the capital — the biggest market in the country,” said BC. The association is also not likely to increase chicken prices during that time.