The number of pigs in Wales has dropped significantly, from 65,200 in 2000 to 25,600 at the end of 2011, due to rising production costs, according to Meat Promotion Wales.

Prices have also increased, but not enough — producers are currently receiving roughly £1.55 per kilogram, 14p less than the cost of production. The high cost of feed is a main contributor, said Meat Promotion Wales spokesman John Richards.


The average carcass weight for pigs in August dropped compared to August 2011 numbers. "This is probably as a result of producers marketing their pigs earlier than usual as they struggle to break even due to rising production costs," said Richards. The number of pigs passing through Welsh abattoirs in August 2012 was 2,700, 14 percent fewer than in 2011 and the third consecutive month when numbers declined.