Wayne Farms LLC announced on May 14 that it will phase out its Douglas, Ga. further processing facility by the end of July 2009 due to the end of a long-standing, highly-specialized customer contract. The closing will also help the company increase operating efficiencies.

Wayne Farms President and CEO Elton Maddox said that the decision is final and that the company is in discussions with several parties who are potentially interested in purchasing the Douglas facility. Currently around 150 people are employed at the plant.

"The needs of our clients are constantly changing," said Maddox. "Wayne Farms purchased this facility more than 10 years ago specifically because of an existing business relationship and the needs of a particular client. As our customer portfolio has evolved, we took the time to reevaluate our Douglas operations in relation to our existing production needs and overall business plan."


Employees affected by the closure will be offered positions at other facilities where possible. The company is working with the Georgia Department of Labor to coordinate employment/job placement assistance for affected employees.

Vendors and suppliers will be notified regarding impacts that may occur as a result of the closure. No Wayne Farms customers are expected to be affected by the Douglas closure.