HKScan Group has announced plans to reorganize the structures and functions of its Finnish operations, with labor negotiations beginning January 14.

The plans are part of HKScan's latest strategy, management and operating model. In accordance with the strategy, group structure will be made more compact at all the company's home market and to utilize the group synergies more effectively.

The planned actions aim to improve profit by approximately EUR 5 million annually, and they are planned to be carried mainly out by the end of 2013.The plans include investments and non-recurring costs, the amount of which will be specified during the negotiation process.


The labour negotiations proposal submitted covers the Finland-based personnel of the Group's parent company HKScan Corporation and the staff of HK Ruokatalo Oy and its procurement company HK Agri Oy, with certain limitations. The possible impact on personnel is estimated to be directed at up to 295 blue-collar employees, administrative staff or senior administrative staff. The negotiations aim to keep the amount of terminations of employment to under half of what is estimated through changes in job descriptions or other milder solutions regarding the personnel.

The preliminary estimate of the durations of the negotiation process is from 6 to 8 weeks. The possible impact on personnel will be further specified as the negotiations unfold. HKScan has about 2,400 employees in Finland.