JBS United has launched a new website, redesigned to allow for easier access to information about working with JBS United and its products.

The new website features videos of customers highlighting their experiences with JBS United. From sharing stories of working with their account managers, to their success stories on their farms, a variety of customers recount their experience with JBS United.  The site also covers the entire range of JBS United's business, with sections devoted to the grain division, signature farms division, corporate responsibility and research and development. The new site places a renewed emphasis on the nutrition and animal health division, which has brought about some of JBS United's most exciting innovations in recent years, said the company.


Prospective partners can find videos and more in-depth information in the new "Partnerships" section, as well. The page highlights some partners that have worked with JBS United for years.  A visit to the revamped "Careers" page allows potential employees to hear from the people behind JBS United, with quotes from current employees on their experiences with the company.