To help in the fight against food insecurity across the country, U.S. egg farmers are donating nearly nine million fresh eggs to food assistance organizations coast-to-coast during the month of March.

Families continue to struggle to put food on their tables, leading more and more to turn to food assistance organizations nationwide for help. In fact, more than 48 million Americans live in food insecure homes.

Among the most needed items at food assistance organizations are sources of high quality protein, such as fresh eggs. According to the USDA, one large egg delivers six grams of protein and 13 essential nutrients such as choline, folate, iron and zinc. Additionally, the USDA concluded in 2011 that the average amount of cholesterol was 14 percent lower and vitamin D content was 64 percent higher than previously thought.

"We come together during the Easter season to make fresh eggs available to food insecure families across the country," stated Chad Gregory, president and CEO of United Egg Producers. "Because eggs are so important to hungry American families, we want Congress to act this year to amend the Egg Products Inspection Act as part of the 2013 Farm Bill to help ensure eggs will continue to be available without interruption nationwide."


For the sixth consecutive Easter season, the United Egg Producers have organized a nationwide effort to give food insecure families a helping hand, bringing the total number of fresh eggs donated by U.S. egg farmers since 2008 to 69 million.