Alberta Hatching Egg Producers and the Saskatchewan Broiler Hatching Egg Producers' Marketing Board have officially joined Canadian Hatching Egg Producers.

Members of the agreement work with the chicken industry and governments to set optimal production levels to meet the chicken industry's needs.


Under the system of supply management, Canadian Hatching Egg Producers works closely with 245 broiler hatching egg farmers across Canada to manage the production of more than 665 million broiler hatching eggs. It also ensures that all farmers meet stringent food safety requirements.

"We have always worked closely with the Alberta and Saskatchewan boards. With the addition of these two provinces, Canadian Hatching Egg Producers has created a more streamlined and responsive organization," says Jack Greydanus, chair of Canadian Hatching Egg Producers. "Looking ahead, talks are already underway with the remaining two provinces that produce broiler hatching eggs -- Nova Scotia and New Brunswick."