Wadi Group, an Egyptian agribusiness firm, plans to enter the Kenyan poultry market by establishing hatcheries in the regions of Mombasa, Mogotio, Kwale and Garissa. The group hopes to start poultry production in Kenya by April 2014.

As part of the initiative, Kenyan poultry farmers in semi-arid and arid regions will get special training on the best practices for poultry production, Wadi Group CEO Tony Freiji said during the Africa Food Security Conference. With that training, Kenyan producers can help meet the local demand for poultry meat products and be able to produce poultry for exports.


Wadi Group also intends to provide farmers with high-quality breeding stock by setting up state-of-the-art poultry farms and incubation facilities, and providing high-quality feed and advanced technical services, according to an AllAfrica report.

Wadi Group has been a player in the development of the Egyptian poultry industry since it began operations since 1984. It has also set up operations in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Sudan.