Verbeek Hatchery Holland is celebrating 50 years of hatching and rearing day-old chicks and pullets. Established in the Netherlands in 1963, the company transitioned in the 1960-70s from a traditional egg producer into a modern, responsible hatching and rearing company. 

To expand its operations, the company CEBECO joined Verbeek as a co-partner, and AgruniekRijnvallei has now taken over all shares and parent ownership of Verbeek Hatchery. The company has been led for the past 10 years by Pieter Kruit as managing director. 


Other notable achivements over the company's time include switching to the Novogen hen and constructing a modern hatchery in 2009, which has been supplying the growing demand for day-old chicks since 2011.

Verbeek will welcome its customers to celebrate on October 8-10.