The American Feed Industry Association will host the workshop FAMI-QS Awareness in Feed Safety Program: Solutions for the Specialty Feed and Mixture Industry October 3-4, in Des Moines, Iowa.

The interactive, comprehensive training covers the regulations of the FAMI-QS program in an easy-to-understand format that will help companies achieve certification. AFIA's International Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program, a third-party-verified program for ingredient facilities, also works under the same rules and scope of FAMI-QS.


The FAMI-QS certification program is benchmarked against European Commission Feed regulations and allows for exporters and importers to gain entry to new international markets with greater ease and success. The two-day workshop will cover topics including feed safety management, the global importance and implementation of FAMI-QS, EU regulations and compliance, and crisis management and audit planning. 

Speakers include industry experts from Eurofins Food Safety System, the certification body for the AFIA's International Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program.