The Tennessee Poultry Association (TPA) inducted its first Hall of Fame members in Nashville, according to a report. Five individuals and families were honored for their significant impact on Tennessee's poultry industry. 

The new TPA Hall of Fame inductees are as follows:


  1. Fred H. Dawn and his sons Frank Dawn, Charlie B. Dawn and Fred H. Dawn, Jr. of the former Dawn Produce Co.:  Dawn Produce operated for over 30 years and later became what is now the Koch Foods Inc. poultry processing plant and facilities based out of Chattanooga, Tenn.
  2. Lloyd T. Burnett and his sons, James W. and Lloyd E. Burnett:  Lloyd T. Burnett founded the Burnett Produce Co. in 1948. Their legacy has continued as the Koch Foods Inc. poultry operations in Morristown, Tenn., since 1999.
  3. Jimmy Breedlove:  In 1955, Breedlove started with Loret Mills (which became Allen Farms in 1983) growing and selling chickens to both the Dawn Produce and Burnett Produce companies. He then began working for Dawn Produce, which was later purchased by Zartic Foods and finally by Koch Foods. Breedlove retired from Koch Foods and the poultry industry in September 2004. 
  4. Dr. Charlie Goan : As former University of Tennessee Poultry Extension Specialist, Goan made a tremendous mark on the Tennessee poultry industry and community. He began his career at UT in 1971 and officially retired in 2008.
  5. Ann Cox-Eastes : As TPA Executive Director from 1998-2008, she was instrumental in leading the association toward what it has become today and is still involved in promoting agriculture and the poultry industry when called upon.

Dan Nuckolls, of Koch Foods and immediate past TPA president, is credited with initiating the TPA Hall of Fame.