The Spanish Reference Swine Database (BDPorc) is a platform for assessing the various technical aspects of Spanish swine production and development of research for the sector.

Director-General of Agricultural Production and Markets from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment (MAGRAMA), Carlos Cabanas, the director of the National Association of Pork Producers (ANPROGAPOR), and Miguel Ángel Higuera, and IRTA CEO, Josep M. Monfort, have agreed to promote and collaborate on the BDPorc database. 

Initially, it was conceived to place information and elements in the hands of the pig sector as an aid for decision-making during the planning of productive strategies. 


Currently,BDporc   has collected over 30 percent of the Spanish breeding census. This year, a Technical-Economical BDporc   also has been launched, with information on production costs and economic margins, and recently, the Iberian Spanish Reference Database (BDporc Ibérico) was created, gathering to date the data of over 20,000 breeders.

Over the last 20 years, BDporc, managed by IRTA, has allowed the pig industry to have knowledge and assess the situation regarding their exploitations in comparison to the reference standards in the sector, receive detailed quarterly reports, and access e-BDPorc, the online   tool that offers immediate, safe, and regular access, to updated information on a series of advanced tools for automatically analyzing data and systematic comparison with the reference values.