A loan to help with the construction of a Sanderson Farms big bird deboning complex in Palestine, Texas, has been approved by the Anderson County, Texas, Commissioners Court. A motion to approve the loan passed during an October 12 county commission meeting.

The loan to Sanderson Farms, County Judge Robert Johnston told the Palestine Herald-Press, is granted through the East Texas Council of Governments for an amount up to $500,000, which would be split with the Palestine Economic Development Corp. The interest rate has been established at 1.5 to 2 percent.

The Sanderson Farms complex in Palestine, Texas, will consist of a feed mill, hatchery, poultry processing plant and wastewater treatment facility. 


Sanderson Farms broke ground on the complex on October 1, starting with the hatchery and feed mill. The 65,000-square-foot hatchery will be capable of hatching 1.3 million chicks per week. The feed mill, to measure 200 feet tall, will have the capacity of producing 16,000 metric tons of finished poultry feed per week. The Palestine poultry complex's opening is scheduled for January 2015, although it will take between 12 and 15 months before the processing plant reaches its anticipated full-production levels of 2.5 million chickens per week.

For the complete project, Sanderson Farms will invest about $130 million, while contract producers will invest about $167.9 million to build the necessary broiler, hen and pullet houses.