Brazilian production of chicken meat contracted slightly in 2013, and the country's poultry exports fell by volume but in increased by value, reports the Brazilian Poultry Association (Ubabef).

The volume of chicken meat produced in Brazil last year stood at 12.308 million metric tons, 2.6 percent less than in 2012. Per capita consumption stood at 41.8 kg. As far as eggs are concerned, production reached 34.12 billion units, an increase of 7.4 percent, while per capita consumption stood at 168.7. Turkey production in 2013 declined by 18 percent to stand at 364,000 metric tons.

Total poultry exports - defined by Ubabef as comprising chicken, turkey and duck meat, eggs, genetic material, chicks and fertile eggs - declined by 1.5 percent to 4.07 million tons in 2013, however, by value, exports increased by 2.3 percent to US$8.55 billion.


According to Ubabef Executive President Francisco Turra, the strong performance of shipments of chicken meat and genetic material compensated for weaknesses in other areas.

Chicken meat exports reached 3.89 million metric tons last year, 0.7 percent lower compared with 2012. By value, however, they increased by 3.4 percent to be worth US$7.97 billion. Cuts were again the main export item, although volumes fell by 3.5 percent to 2.068 million metric tons. Whole birds were the second most important category, and exports of this type grew by 4.7 percent to reach 1.484 million metric tons.

The Middle East remained Brazil's main export destination for chicken meat exports, followed by Asia.


Exports of eggs and processed eggs reached 12,390 thousand, a 54 percent decrease. By value, the decrease was slightly less severe, -50 percent, and worth US$21.23 million.

Turkey exports stood at 161,000 metric tons, a 10 percent decrease, and by value fell by 8 percent to US$459.1 million. The main export destination was the European Union, which accounted for 47 percent of the total.

Poultry outlook 2014

Brazilian poultry producers' outlook for 2014 is broadly positive, and for chicken meat in particular, Ubabef forecasts that the country will produce 12.7 million metric tons, an increase of 3-5 percent.  Egg production is expected to be 8 percent higher this year.

Turra comments: "Studies carried out by Embratur relating to the FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014 indicate the arrival of over 500,000 tourists, all of which will spend, particularly on hotels and food. In this scenario, poultry meat should benefit."

Similarly, exports are predicted to be higher this year, especially with the reopening of the Chinese market.