In reaction to the outbreak of African swine fever in Lithuania, the Food and Veterinary Service (SFVS) on January 28 ordered several import bans, according to a report.

The ban includes animal feed produced in Lithuania's southeastern regions, and reproductive materials from live pigs, including embryos, egg cells and sperm.

The country will also impose tighter control of animal products, especially pork products, on Latvian borders. Vehicles transporting animals will be subject to disinfection.


The SFVS has asked hunters to be cautious, and report suspicious wild boar activities.

The Lithuanian government agreed in principle to allocate EUR1.36 million (US$1.84 million) for African swine fever prevention measures.

According to reports, Lithuania said it plans a mass cull of wild board after neighboring countries impose bans. Russia and Belarus have banned pork products from Lithuania that are not processed thermally.