Pork imports into France reached a record high in 2013, at 364,400 metric tons, a 2 percent increase from pork imports received by France in 2012. While domestic demand for pork in France remained broadly stable, higher imports were mainly a function of a small fall in production.

Spain is by far the largest supplier of French pork, according to BPEX, accounting for just under three quarters of the total, and shipments from this country increased by 3 percent in 2013. Imports from other smaller markets also recorded increases, including Germany and Belgium. The total value of French pork imports rose by 5 percent to EUR941.9 million (US$12.9 billion), largely because of the increase in the price of imports from Spain. France also imports over 50,000 metric tons of sausages, and supplies rose by 3 percent in 2013.


French pork exports increased only marginally in 2013 at 483,300 metric tons. The value of pork exports came down to EUR938.9 million (US$12.84 billion), marginally below 2012 export numbers. The rest of the EU is by far the main market for French pork, with a quarter of pig supplies sent to Italy alone, with a 1 percent increase on the previous year.