Tyson Foods executives told investors at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Agriculture Conference on February 28 that its strong capital structure and sound business fundamentals have given the company a solid foundation for growth, stability and consistency.

"While we don't typically provide earnings guidance, we do think we'll deliver at least $2.78 in fiscal 2014, which would be in excess of 23 percent EPS growth, and we're poised for at least 10 percent EPS growth in 2015 and beyond," said Jon Kathol, Tyson's vice president of investor relations.

Kathol said Tyson's business strategy centers on accelerating growth of domestic value-added products and international chicken production, innovation of products, services and insights and developing a deep bench of talent to support the company's growth.


Donnie King, president of prepared foods, customer and consumer solutions for Tyson, told investors, "We are more consumer focused and provide insights-driven solutions for our customers and consumers."

King cited Tyson's entry into the breakfast food category with its Wright Brand sausage and Tyson Day Starts frozen breakfast sandwiches, flatbreads and wrapped omelets as examples of the company's research-based product innovation that are part of Tyson's efforts to grow its Prepared Foods segment.