The sixth edition of Pig, Poultry & Dairy Focus Asia, held at the Imperial Queen's Park Hotel in Bangkok on March 3-5, was a great success with more 400 attendees from more than 25 countries. The event was for senior livestock production managers, nutritionists and veterinarians and focused on livestock production including nutrition, health and breeding.

Following the opening ceremony, when delegates were addressed by Dr. Achariya Sailasuta, the secretary general of the Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations (FAVA), four keynote presentations were given.   

The first keynote presentation was given by Dr. Pim Langhout, DSM, on the topic of intestinal targeting of nutrients for specific gene expression. Langhout highlighted how different feed ingredients can influence the functioning of cells and/or organs in the animal's body and how this could result in improved animal health and productivity.

Roland Klober, Thermo Fisher Scientific, focused on the revolutionary road down which diagnostic testing was going and how such testing was going to play a greater role in future livestock production.


Dr. Tugrul Durali from Alltech's Asian Pacific Mycotoxin Management Team spoke on the latest developments in mycotoxin detection and control, and highlighted the challenges of mycotoxin diversity, masked mycotoxins and the latest survey results.

Dr. Marcus Remmers, head of global bio research and development at Merial, looked at the future of vaccination and in particular how the next generation of recombinant vaccines will better and more broadly address unmet demands.

The conference then divided into three species-specific conferences. In the species-specific conferences, experts from all around the world shared their expertise and experience with delegates in a series of presentations from the cutting edge of livestock production science.

The next Pig, Poultry & Dairy Focus Asia is planned for the spring of 2016 and will again be held in Bangkok.