Chicken meat will account for 28 percent of the meat consumed in Australia within the next five years. The prediction comes from the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES), which also forecasts that Australia's poultry production will continue growing.

The industry has expanded by 4 percent a year over the past decade and now makes up one-quarter of meat production, up from 18 percent 10 years ago.

ABARES points to the competitive pricing of chicken meat as the main factor for this growth. Over the five years to 2012-13, chicken was on average 21 percent cheaper than pork, 22 percent cheaper than beef and 45 percent cheaper than lamb.


The bureau believes that this price advantage will persist in the medium term and notes that the price differential reflects "strong productivity growth achieved in the Australian chicken meat industry over successive decades."

Dr. Andreas Dubs, executive director of the Australian Chicken Meat Federation commented, "Consumers appreciate the good value that chicken represents but also appreciate the convenience, versatility and nutritional qualities of chicken meat."