U.K. egg producer the happy egg co has had a brand makeover. As part of the refresh, the company has relaunched its website and is undergoing a packaging and identity revision.

Highlighting the company's welfare credentials, the updated packaging uses a silhouette motif featuring pastoral scenes to remind consumers about the brand's commitment to producing great-tasting eggs by the happiest hens. The new packs feature key facts on the lengths the happy egg farmers go to make the hens happy. The brand's mascot, Freda Roam, has also undergone a makeover for 2014. New packaging started being rolled out at the beginning of April.


The company's redesigned website showcases the brand's commitment to hen welfare, depicting the reality of life on a happy egg farm through farmer profiles and real farm photography. The new site includes a brand new layout with a greater emphasis on the brand's welfare story, scientific research, and a clearer depiction of products and recipes, while retaining the playful nature of the brand.

"After a successful five years, we are now revitalizing the brand by building on how we communicate our key messages and reasons to believe more clearly for our consumers, to really show them how we do things differently and go the extra mile," brand manager Caroline Beatty said.