Permskaya Poultry Farm, a longtime Ross 308 customer, has become the latest member of the Ross 400 Club. Eduard Taktarov, sales director of Aviagen LLC, Russia, visited the Perm region on April 15 to congratulate Permskaya Poultry Farm for its achievement.

This farm and Aviagen have 10 years of cooperation including the exchange of expertise and experience during many technical meetings and events. Aviagen organized one of its technical seminars on the production site of Permskaya Poultry Farm.

Natalya Virchenko, production director of Prodo Group’s central office and Nikolay Roshak, director general of Permskaya, attended the recent visit and awards presentation. In the warm and friendly meeting, participants discussed the latest result of European and Russian members of the Ross 400 Club, followed by round table discussions of Permskaya production results as well as plans to further improve them.

Roshak said: “As a member of the Ross 400 Club, we feel even closer to Aviagen and we are proud to have been able to achieve an EPEF (European Production Efficiency Factor) of 404 with flock density of 23.5 birds per square meter, which is an excellent result. The production results of our operation are as follows:  68.3 daily yield with a broiler live weight of 2.54 kilograms at 37.2 days, FCR (feed conversion rate) of 1.62 and liveability of 95.94 percent. But the most important factor is that we continue to see the high genetic potential of the Ross birds. I would like to say thank you so much to the Aviagen geneticists for years of improving our bird, and the practical results of the Ross 308 confirm that we made the right choice. Using this opportunity I would like to send our warmest regards to Jim McAdam, UK breeding program director of Aviagen.”


Eduard Taktarov added: “Aviagen LLC really appreciates the efforts of the management and production teams of Permskaya PF – these excellent results have been achieved with an active practical contribution of Dmitry Grishin, deputy director, Tamara Nekrasova, head technical director and Lyudmila Zlobina, deputy production director. The long success of Aviagen and Permskaya PF would not be possible without Nikolay Roshak, the director of Permskaya PF during the last 15 years. In January 2014, Nikolay Roshak celebrated his jubilee so essentially the Ross 400 Club Certificate has become a very special present that his team prepared for him.”