Sanovo Vax, a manufacturer of advanced in-ovo technologies for the commercial poultry industry, has announced the appointment of Joey Taylor as service department manager. In this role, Taylor will spearhead the company’s comprehensive support platform.

Taylor brings many years of experience as a service technician and manager, and his addition to the team will help Sanovo Vax increase customer support and expand its range of services. Taylor will be responsible for managing a team of Sanovo Vax service technicians based throughout the U.S. and Canada, creating and implementing support plans and documentation, and providing solutions to any questions or issues customers face regarding in-ovo vaccination.

Taylor has been around the industry his entire life, taking his first position at a hatchery at the age of 16. With over 15 years of experience, Taylor has developed considerable expertise working as a hatchery general laborer, pullet farm manager and service technician. This broad experience gives Taylor the knowledge necessary to provide customers across the industry with comprehensive service and support. Taylor’s practical understanding of hatchery operations puts him in an excellent position to manage Sanovo Vax’s growing network of service technicians and provide solutions to customers’ hatchery needs, including regular diagnostic check-ups, real time monitoring of equipment and an extra set of experienced eyes to help ensure hatcheries are performing at their full potential.

“I’m extremely pleased to be joining Sanovo Vax and working with a team that is committed to giving hatcheries the assurance that their chicks will be vaccinated on time,” Taylor said. “Our machines provide high-quality vaccination without the risk of contamination or damage to chicks.”  

Taylor’s many years of hatchery experience have given him critical insights into the day-to-day logistical concerns workers face. In particular, his previous work has stressed the importance of timely attention to problems that hatcheries with limited machinery and resources may encounter.


“Hatcheries run on very specific timetables,” Taylor explained. “If a machine stops functioning properly after the egg transfer process has begun, chicks could start hatching outside of the incubator without being vaccinated, putting flock performance at risk. It is crucial to approach any issues relating to flock health with the utmost urgency, and the Sanovo Vax team will be working with all of our customers to provide that support.”

Sanovo Vax is committed to providing high-quality service and support. Service personnel are located close to major hatchery operations to quickly address customer needs on-site. Hatchery workers have a direct line to these local service support providers for immediate help over the phone.  Under Taylor’s leadership, the Sanovo Vax service team will have monthly face-to-face visits with all customers to observe machines in operation and speak with operators surrounding bio-security and vaccination concerns as well as to offer additional input regarding overall hatchery operations.

 “The addition of Joey Taylor to the Sanovo Vax team is a huge step towards bolstering our commitment to poultry producers,” said Patrick O’Haver, vice president of sales, Sanovo Vax. “With regular face-to-face visits and emergency response lines, Sanovo Vax technicians can communicate with customers about potential problems they see and help impact performance in a positive way. We want to help our customers perform in the best way possible, beyond just the machine.”

Taylor graduated from Auburn University with a B.S. in poultry science in 2005 and has worked as a service technician at Tyson Foods, AviTech and Merial Select. He has completed specialized training in hazard analysis critical control points and professional selling.