Dr. Robert “Bob” Goodband, professor of animal science at Kansas State University (KSU), was a recipient of the Animal Management Award at the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) National Awards Program on July 21.

Goodband was selected for this award for his excellence in research in production management. He is part of a progressive swine extension team that focuses on developing, evaluating and disseminating the latest research to increase the profitability of pork producers and has played an important role in developing an intensive applied research program that has conducted numerous on-farm trials in several states.


Along with his dedication to research, Goodband is a trusted advisor to many graduate and undergraduate students.

Goodband received his bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University and earned his master’s and PhD in swine nutrition at KSU. He then joined the KSU Department of Animal Science and Industry as an assistant professor. In 2001, Goodband made full professor, a position he still holds today.

The ASAS Animal Management Award is given to animal scientists who have made significant contributions to basic or applied research in animal behavior, environmental science, economics or other biological or production management. The American Society of Animal Science is a professional organization that serves more than 5,000 animal scientists and producers around the world.