Dr. Aho made this announcement at the 2009 IPE forum, and suggested that the next few years would be grim for the poultry meat industry.

The international and domestic markets will be affected by the impact of high grain costs. Aho also argues that there is a direct link between a family’s income, and their protein consumption. The upper class will still likely eat the same amount of meat, but lower economic classes will resort more to eggs for their protein.


Protein Consumption during recession

  • Meat hierarchy: beef to pork to poultry to eggs
  • More affluent people buy the same amount of beef, pork, and poultry
  • More families with limited income buy eggs instead of pork and poultry

The world egg production is up 28%, and American eggs make up 10% of world eggs. In 2020 however it is predicted that Asian egg production will force American eggs down to 7% of the world’s eggs. But in the next few years egg protein is expected to out perform any other forms of protein due to the low cost of eggs.