KFC has introduced the Red Tractor quality assurance logo to its packaging in the UK, and is highlighting its use over the last two weeks of September.

The Red Tractor logo now features on all buckets on sale in KFC outlets throughout the UK with the wording “Only Grade A quality chicken, freshly prepared in our kitchen all day, every day. Original Recipe Red Tractor Assured chicken on-the bone”.

The company also supported Red Tractor Week earlier this month, using the opportunity to promote its sourcing policy by running full page advertisements in the national press. It also encouraged customers to get involved in a social media photo competition designed to encourage people for look of the logo during Red Tractor Week.


CSR director for KFC Ian Hagg, commented: “One hundred percent of our Original Recipe Chicken on Bone is Red Tractor certified and comes from over 500 UK farms. We are proud of our association with Red Tractor standards of welfare and we want our customers to know about it; that’s why we took the decision to put the logo on the pack. 

Red Tractor is the UK’s largest food assurance scheme. Its respected food standards are used across the food supply chain to provide clear food labelling about the quality and sourcing of your food.